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Poll: How Were Your Back-To-School Sales This Year?

5 Sep

According to a recent Media Post article, stores are reporting “bustling back-to-school sales”.  How were your sales this back-to-school season?  Take our quick poll:

Women On The Web: Why They Still Matter

17 Jul

Fortune tech writer Jessi Hempel recently moderated a conversation at Fortune Brainstorm Tech about why women have become such an important demographic on the web.  The panel included Nick Lehman, president, digital, NBCUniversal, Susan Lyne, chairman, Gilt Groupe and Brit Morin, founder and CEO, Brit & Co.  The result of their conversation:  Never underestimate the power of a women online.

Here are some of our favorite quotes from the unedited transcript which can be found by clicking here.

 “Women love to be visual and social”—Brit Moran
GGC Insight:  This is why Pinterest has become such a popular online destination for women and why brands are continuing to look for new ways to engage consumers via this online network.  Even if your brand is not on Pinterest, make sure you are giving women the opportunity to not only see what you have offer, but can easily share that information with others.

“…one of the biggest shifts is that advertisers now realize that they have to be in the middle of that dialogue..”—Nick Lehman
GGC Insight:  The online conversation is happening whether your brand is in it or not—wouldn’t you whether be a part of the discussion? We love that he uses the word ‘dialogue’—the online conversation is a dialogue with your customers, not a monologue about you and your company.  If you can get your brand in the middle of the dialogue it is like being part of the dinner party conversation on a Friday night.

“Women are on the Internet all the time either looking for things, exploring, making those purchasing decisions, and ultimately transacting.”—Susan Lyne
GGC Insight:  Even if you are not an online store, having a rich online community—from website to social media—will allow you to be part of the purchasing decision women are making every day.

Marketing To Women Online (Infographic)

12 Jul

Interesting stats on ways of marketing to women online:

Source: Creatage – Full Service Marketing Agency

“..instead focus on the importance of aligning the values between the blogger and the brand.”

10 Jul

“The argument should stop being about whether “to pay” or “not to pay” bloggers, and instead focus on the importance of aligning the values between the blogger and the brand. If this is done right, no reader or consumer will care whether a blogger was paid or not.” 

–Erin Flynn in Blogging 2.0–The Evolution of the Blogger/Brand Relationship


As a regular contributor for HuffPost, Flynn does not mince words with her most recent post regarding the evolution of the blogger/brand relationship.  Regardless of which side of that coin you belong, you should definitely give this a read.  It reminded us of our recent post for Engage: Moms where we gave brands some of our best tips for working with today’s bloggers.  In case you missed it, here are some of our tips:

Read the Blog: As obvious as this tip appears, you would be amazed at how many brands and agencies fail to actually read the blog they are preparing to pitch. Better yet, be involved with the blog community and conversations by commenting on posts, following via social media networks, etc.

Consider the Blogger’s Goals: We sometimes get so caught up with our own brand campaign goals that we forget to consider what the blogger is trying to accomplish. In addition to knowing their overall theme or writing style, really look at the type of online environment they have created and what they try to provide to their audience. Do they like to do giveaways or reviews? Or are they more interested in having an exclusive scoop on a new product or event? Make sure what you have to offer would be of real benefit to the blogger and her audience.

Make it Personal: Even if you are sending an email, you should not only mention the blogger by name, but you should specifically tell them why your product/service/event would be a good fit for her blog. This step allows you to find a possible disconnect in your pitch—if you can’t find a reason why your brand is a good fit for her blog, you shouldn’t be pitching her.

Timing is Everything: A blog is a real business, and bloggers are real people—be respectful of their time in addition to being respectful of their talent. Make sure you give them plenty of lead time on deadline dates for posts, allowing them to easily integrate your campaign with their ongoing content schedule.

Click here to read our entire Engage:Moms post

As a brand or blogger, what is your best partnership advice?

#WordlessWednesday: Do You Know This Woman?

20 Jun

If you don’t, you should–it’s Tory Burch, famed fashion designer who has also launched The Tory Burch Foundation, an organization that introduces female entrepreneurs to mentors.  Burch is one of 60 women who recently became a member of Fast Company’s “League of Extraordinary Women”–a list that will astound and inspire you to change the world.

Our favorite quote from Burch:  “..women are the heart and soul and backbone of societies.”

Click here to read about all the fascinating members of the “League of Extraordinary Women”.  Who is missing from this list?




The Pitch–Did The Right Agency Win?

4 Jun

Did anyone catch last night’s episode of ‘The Pitch’ on AMC? This show has become somewhat of a guilty pleasure of the GGC office and last night’s show focused on a brand, C. Wonder, that wanted to build an advertising campaign/messaging that would help it connect with its primary customer–women.

If you didn’t catch the show, don’t watch the attached video–it clearly gives away the winner.  However, the video shows why the brand chose its agency–some nice little tips for your own agency/brand relationship.  If you did see the show, do you agree with brand’s decision?



Wordless Wednesday: NYSE

30 May

Congratulations to our friends at SheSpeaks!  As winners of the recent NYSE Next Big StartUp Competition, SheSpeaks will be ringing the NYSE bell today!


Wordless Wednesday: 33 Dresses–Day 13

16 May

Today, we are celebrating Day 13  of our 33 Dresses initiative (that’s a third of the way done!) and it really is amazing how much has happened in just a short amount of time.  Our picture is the 13th pair of chunky earrings we have been wearing every day since this program started.  We wanted to share with you a few quick things that has our office continually buzzing about this project:

  • How Elissa Spent Mother’s Day: The University of Pittsburgh Medical Center invited Elissa (and her family & friends) to spend a part of their Mother’s Day sharing 33 Dresses at the Race for the Cure in Pittsburgh (and she even wore a dress to walk the 5K!)
  • Facebook:  It is up to 344 ‘Likes’ and growing!  Please checkout the latest posts and all the amazing photos and comments people are leaving every day.
  • Twitter:  They now have a Twitter hashtag, #33Dresses, and are encouraging folks to use this when they mention them during their social media conversations.
  • Gallery of Inspiration:  They just added a page to their website where visitors can upload their own inspirational 33 Dresses photos—

I personally am amazed at how many people send us notes every day—complete strangers who are inspired by Elissa’s story and feel compelled to share their own cancer journey.  This is why we love working with Elissa and the 33 Dresses initiative and why we ask for your support in getting the word out to your readers and followers.  

Vote For Our Friends At SheSpeaks!

10 May

We really love when good things happen to good people (or companies) and that is what has just happened for our friends at SheSpeaks, a powerful women’s social engagement platform.  We recently got a note from Aliza Freud, founder/CEO of SheSpeaks, letting us know that her company is a finalist for the NYSE Next Big Start Up Competition.  “It now comes down to a public vote on Facebook,” says Freud.  “If SheSpeaks wins, we will have the exciting opportunity to ring the opening bell at the NYSE.”

We’ve already cast our vote, won’t you?  Head to the NYSE Facebook Page,”Like” the page then vote for SheSpeaks (they are a StartUp America finalist).

SheSpeaks is a real voice of female consumers.  “What better way for the NYSE to underscore the importance of women’s collective buying power than by choosing SheSpeaks to ring the opening bell,” adds Freud.

Harley-Davidson’s Marketing To Women Initiatives Appear To Be Working….

2 May

Harley-Davidson’s marketing to women efforts appear to be working.  According to a recent Fox Business article, the motorcycle brand “grew its sales 20% last quarter to $1.27 billion…”  Read the full article here:


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