Poll: How Were Your Back-To-School Sales This Year?

5 Sep

According to a recent Media Post article, stores are reporting “bustling back-to-school sales”.  How were your sales this back-to-school season?  Take our quick poll:


Quick–4 Words That Describe Your Brand

4 Sep

Quick, what are the 4 words you would use to describe your brand?  Yes, you have practiced your elevator speech to perfection–waiting for those perfect moments when you can rattle off the :30 second monologue that is certain to impress any person you meet at a conference, a networking dinner, the hallway of your new office building and yes, even in the elevator–but, what 4 individual words describe the business you have built?

It’s an important question for you to answer because those 4 words not only give people insight into your brand, but they give your brand direction.  They help you tweak, edit and move your brand from where it is now to where you really want it to be.  So, what are your 4 words?

The 4 words for Go Girl Communications:

Smart. Engaging. Inspiring. Collaborative.

You will be seeing a lot of these words as we begin to unveil new things for Go Girl Communications.  A new website, a new e-newsletter, new events, new partnerships–all with a foundation built on being a company that works hard to always be smart, engaging, inspiring and collaborative.

We’d love to know your 4 words–leave us a comment, post on our Facebook page or send us a tweet.  And, watch as we unveil our new website this Thursday, September 6th!



Poll: Did P&G Win Olympic Gold?

17 Aug

P&G’s ‘Thank You, Mom” campaign caused quite a discussion lately.  In some social media networks, marketing experts were disappointed that the brand failed to expand this initiative and connect socially with ‘real moms’ while others felt the campaign was nothing short of a solid gold marketing to mom performance.

Personally, we love the “Thank You, Mom” campaign and found this year’s batch of commercials to be just as engaging and compelling as with their past marketing messages.  We especially loved seeing a little bit of Dad this year, with the smart spot for Gillette seen here:

But, what did you think?

What Moms Are Doing While Listening To The Radio (Infographic)

15 Aug

Radio is still a major media player (no pun intended) when it comes to connecting with moms.  But, what are moms doing while listening? A recent MediaPost article shared this infographic from USA TouchPoints showing “how exposure to radio correlates with a range of life activities throughout an average day of American moms”.




What’s On The Minds Of Moms As They Get Back-To-School Ready (Infographic)

15 Aug

We love this infographic from our friends at Zeno Group.  Do any of the stats surprise you?

Trend in Action: Hosting a Successful Blogger Event

13 Aug

Hosting a blogger event is one of the best ways to get bloggers to really experience everything your brand has to offer.  But, picking a date and sending out invites is just the first part of the blog event process.  Here are some tips from a blogger event we did with Banner Day Camp:

Keep Kids in Mind
Here’s a little piece of valuable knowledge:  Mom bloggers have kids.  You need to always keep this in mind while planning.  Think of offering onsite childcare options or hosting your event during school day hours or evenings when schedules may be more flexible.  Or, better yet, include the kids in on the event fun.  Banner Day Camp actually arranged for two camp counselors to take the kids on a ‘camp adventure’ while the bloggers got a tour of the grounds.  The kids had such an amazing time that they didn’t want to leave—it was a great way to really showcase how much fun the camp is for kids.

Have an Agenda
Having an agenda not only lets bloggers know what to expect, but it ensures you won’t leave anything out of the visit.   For Banner, the agenda was simple:  Gather, Group Tour/Kid Activity, Lunch/Q&A.  Yet, they went one step further and mapped out the campsite tour to highlight key areas for both parents and kids, having both groups meet back up at the same place for lunch.

Engage in Blogger Dialogue
Successful blogs are those that inspire conversations with their audience—it is never a monologue, but a dialogue.  That is also true for blogger events.  Don’t just present your company’s mission and vision—have real conversations with your guests.  Several times throughout the Banner event, the camp director would ask questions of the bloggers:  “Do you mention your kids names in your blogs—why or why not?” “How often do you try to update your blog?”  This showed great respect for the bloggers and their craft as well as gave the camp some valuable insight into the individual blog communities.

End Big
Those last few moments before bloggers leave are critical—this is your last chance to make a great impression.  Offer a fun takeaway, but make sure it clearly represents your brand.  For Banner, each child got a colorful bucket filled with summer fun items (many with the Banner logo).  Also, if there is something you really want bloggers to remember, make sure you reiterate it during your closing remarks and make sure it is something they would want to share with their online audience.  Bloggers at the Banner event received information regarding “The Amazing RAISE 4 Campers”, a community wide event dedicated to raising scholarship funds for children to attend non-profit overnight camps—a great opportunity for bloggers to invite their audience to get a ‘taste’ of the camp while also supporting a good cause.

Follow Up
Thank bloggers via your own social networking sites and make sure you follow up with any mentions you receive from their social networks.  In addition, send a follow up email thanking them for their time and giving them contact information for any additional questions they may have.  This is also a great place to remind them of any Twitter ‘hashtags’ you are using and/or any future events you want them to keep on their radar.

What other tips do you have for hosting a successful blogger event?

Poll: What Will You Spend This Back-To-School Season?

20 Jul